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Acaasa Academy Students

Welcome to ACAASA Academy, where we specialize in offering a diverse range of training programs tailored for healthcare workers and holistic health practitioners.

Our offerings are divided into two main categories: DSHS-certified training programs for healthcare workers and professional development courses in holistic health practices.

1. DSHS-Certified Training Programs:

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These programs are specifically designed to meet the stringent standards set by the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) and cater to individuals seeking a career in healthcare services. Each program is tailored to ensure that participants not only gain comprehensive knowledge but also acquire practical skills crucial in the healthcare field.

- 75-Hour Home Care Aide (HCA) Course (10 Days) - Price: $600

  • Format: Eight days of virtual training via ZOOM and two days of in-person training in Seattle.

  • Requirements: A computer with audio/video capability is necessary; mobile devices are not recommended.

Course Breakdown:

1. Orientation & Safety - 5 Hours: Comprises 2 hours of orientation and 3 hours of safety training. This segment must be completed prior to providing direct care.

2. Basic Training - 70 Hours:

  • Population Specific Training - 16 Hours:

       - Mental Health Specialty, Level 1: Capable Caregiving for Mental Wellness (8 Hours)

       - Dementia Specialty: Dementia Capable Caregiver, Level 1 (8 Hours)

  • Core Basic Training - 54 Hours: Includes 38 hours of fundamentals of caregiving and enhancements, plus 16 hours of hands-on skills practice.

Upon completion, students will be prepared to submit their HCA Training Certificate with their HCA Application for the WA State HCA Certification Examination.

- Orientation and Safety Training (Virtual - ZOOM Training - 5 Hours Total) - Price: $20 [a computer with audio/video capability is required, mobile devices are not recommended]: This initial segment is crucial for establishing foundational knowledge and safety protocols required before trainees can engage in direct caregiving. It is divided into:

  • Orientation (2 Hours): Conducted via ZOOM:, this session introduces trainees to the program's structure, ethical guidelines, and overall expectations of their roles as Home Care Aides.

  • Safety Training (3 Hours): Also delivered virtually, this training covers essential safety procedures, including emergency response, infection control, and accident prevention, to ensure the well-being of both caregivers and clients.

- Population Specific Training (Virtual - ZOOM Training - 16 Hours) - Price: $80 [a computer with audio/video capability is required, mobile devices are not recommended]: Tailored to equip caregivers with specialized skills to care for specific client groups, this training includes:

  • Mental Health Specialty, Level 1: Capable Caregiving for Mental Wellness (8 Hours): Focused on providing care for clients with mental health issues, this module covers techniques for effective communication, crisis management, and promoting mental health stability.

  • Dementia Specialty: Dementia Capable Caregiver, Level 1 (8 Hours): Dedicated to dementia care, this module teaches caregivers about the nuances of dementia, managing challenging behaviors, and creating a supportive environment for clients with dementia.

- Core Basic Training - 54 Hours:​ (Virtual - ZOOM Training - 54 Hours Total) - Price: $400 [a computer with audio/video capability is required, mobile devices are not recommended]: The bulk of the training involves comprehensive instruction and practical skills development in caregiving:

  • Fundamentals of Caregiving & Enhancements (38 Hours): This extensive virtual training covers a wide range of topics necessary for daily caregiving tasks, including person-centered care, nutrition management, medication handling, and more.

  • Hands-on Skills Practice (16 Hours): Conducted over two days in a skills lab, trainees apply their learned skills in practical settings to solidify their ability to perform caregiving tasks confidently and competently.

Language Proficiency and Accessibility:

We provide multilingual training options to ensure that every student, including those with limited English proficiency, can access our educational resources and succeed in their training programs.

Collaboration with the Long-Term Care Foundation:

In partnership with the Long-Term Care Foundation of Washington, we offer financial support to train employees in Adult Family Homes, aiming to bolster the workforce with well-trained, competent long-term care professionals.


2. Professional Development Coursesin Holistic Health:

- Reiki I & II - Two-Day Group Class: This comprehensive class covers attunements to traditional Usui Reiki levels I & II, the definition and history of Reiki, basics of energy healing, running energy, grounding and centering both practitioner and client, protecting oneself from healing burn-out, chakra healing, detecting energy needs, hand positions for self-treatment and treating others, and performing distance healing with Reiki.

- Reiki III / Master Level - One-Day Group Class: Includes attunement to the Usui Master Symbol, techniques to boost Reiki energy, and further grounding and centering practices. It also covers how to use Reiki for protection, use of crystals and stones with Reiki, and setting up a Reiki grid for enhanced healing.


- Reiki IV / Teacher Training - One-Day Group Class: Designed for those who aspire to teach and attune others in Reiki. This class covers attunement to Usui Teaching Symbols, boosting Reiki energy, grounding and centering techniques for teachers and students, fundamentals of teaching Reiki, performing attunements, and using attunements for powerful healing.


At ACAASA Academy, our extensive experience and resources are dedicated to advancing the skills and knowledge of both healthcare staff and holistic health practitioners, ensuring a positive impact on the communities we serve.


Our Mission

At AcAAsA Academy, we are committed to creating a better future for our students. We believe that education and training can transform lives and unlock unlimited potential.


Our mission is to provide quality online education that is accessible, affordable, and relevant to the needs of our students.


Join us and let's create a better future together!

Student Success Stories

At AcAAsA Academy, we are proud of our students and their achievements.

"I completed the Health Care Assistant (HCA) training program at AcAAsA Academy and it was the best decision I ever made. The program enhanced my caregiving skills and prepared me for advanced roles in the healthcare sector."

Emily Johnson

"I enrolled in the Diabetes Specialty Training program at AcAAsA Academy and it was a life-changing experience. The program helped me deepen my understanding of diabetes management and boosted my confidence in providing specialized care to patients with diabetes."

Mike Brown

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